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Spoked wheel conversion 17" V50 III front with TT wheel hub and modified quick-release axle and modified brake disc flange. Morad alloy rim

Here it is still relatively simple, you need the following:

  • Spoked rim from the old Nevada with double disc brake, TT or NTX (on these rims you can mount the standard brake discs (260 and 270) as single or double disc),
  • Depending on the model also go rims of the large models. Depends on the mounted fork.
  • TT and NTX have 17 wheel axles, Nevada and the big 20 wheel axles. With TT and NTX you need a rim in the desired diameter because these 21" rims have in front (except police machines)
  • Adapter disks to adapt the brake disks to the fork width of the vehicle (this should be done by a good turner, or ask me)
  • Depending on the model, a modified quick-release axle and modified bushes for the quick-release axle so that the rim sits in the middle.
  • When everything fits, you're done in the front.
  • possibly still ALU rim rings in 18" or 17" of fantasy and the purse there are no limits.

Note: it is easiest to use a rim with the same wheel axle diameter.




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Rear spoke wheel modification 17" V50 III rear

Here the changes are already a lot more extensive, because the brake disc of the spoke rims is sitting on the left side and the drive has to be changed.

Here is needed:

  • Rear wheel from Nevada, TT or NTX (16")
  • Final drive of Nevada, TT or NTX (alternatively rebuild the old drive to without brake disc cover)
  • Braking torque support of TT (alternative to NTX or Nevada incl. the corresponding swingarm and cardan shaft)
  • Brake line from TT, Nevada or NTX (depending on the type of brake torque support)
  • Production of a suitable wheel axle
  • Rim in 18" or 17" for changing spokes
  • 16" rim fits only in the long swingarm of the Nevada, TT, NTX, Lario, etc..
  • in the short swing arm of the V35/50, the rim width is very limited (when removing the wheel, the drive unit must be removed)
  • with the middle swingarm of the V65 and V65 SP the drive of the Nevada and the TT doesn't fit. Here either the drive has to be converted or the swing arm including the cardan shaft has to be replaced.

I don't think I forgot anything.

A lot of adaptation work is required and can be required.

The easiest way is to get a complete swingarm with cardan shaft, brake support, drive and rim from a Nevada. Then you have the wheel axle etc. everything already there and you have to "only" wrap around the rim if you want to have an 18" rim.

The disadvantage of this variant, however, is that the wheelbase increases, the handiness decreases and the rear end has to be adjusted as the mudguard doesn't fit anymore.


But you know how it is. Every change often leads to an uncalculated effort. 🙂


Greetings to your Martin


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